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OTGPlaya deploys user friendly access and content platforms for markets with low broadband penetration that aggregate media content in a secure “offline cloud”, thereby circumventing existing bandwidth limitations.
OTGPLAYA Wins LLGA2013 Award in San Francisco!!!

OTG Playa Signs Landmark Content Agreements

The Living Labs Global Award (LLGA) is an annual program created in 2009. Over the years, LLGA has brought together 42 global cities and over 1,500 technology providers resulting in more than 30 pilots, reaching 285 million citizens worldwide. The meticulous selection process employed by the partner cities and jurors highlights the significance of the award. For LLGA2013, 1,117 solutions were evaluated by 248 jurors. The selection process involved dialogue with 350 global cities to identify the most committed cities to partner with.

Most major cities in emerging markets are faced daily with the challenges of keeping pace with rapid urbanization, and Lagos is no exception. In fact, the UN estimates that by 2015 Lagos will be the world’s third most populous city with over 23 million citizens. In order to meet the demand of this growing population, the city of Lagos needs a smart approach as it embarks on ways to leverage innovative technology to solve its problems. One of the biggest problems Lagos is facing is the infrastructural gap. According to LLGA, Lagos was seeking solutions to deliver content seamlessly in bandwidth-challenged environments to provide access to the social and economic benefits of the Internet.

Against All Odds

When OTG Playa emerged as one of the finalists for the LLGA2013 award, it was up against major global brands that are already household names worldwide. “Our selection as the winning solution for the city of Lagos represents a defining moment in our compelling story” said our CEO, Mr. Modupe Ajibola. He also added that “our story is compelling because we didn’t just design a solution and looked for a problem that fits; instead, we anticipated a problem, listened to all the stakeholders, and designed a solution with each stakeholder in mind.”

The city of Lagos is in talks to deploy the OTG Playa solution to 50 schools across the state. This deployment will engage thousands of students immediately. The students’ continuous learning will no longer be restricted by bandwidth accessibility and dependability. They will instantly plug in to vast educational and entertainment content. In addition, this award has enabled OTG to begin strategic partnership talks with socially minded multinational corporations to leverage our innovative platform and put their brand in front of our growing number of users. Once the deployment to these 50 schools is completed, the OTG Playa team will add more schools and cities across Nigeria. The goal is to be in every major city in Nigeria by the end of next year.

About OTG

OTGPlaya is the parent of Prime CoHall (PCH) Nigeria Ltd.  LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited is the business development partner of OTGPlaya Entity LLC, assisting the US based firm to develop a strong business model to ensure the market sustainability of its solutions.
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