Vision Invent Inc.


Traffic Control System!!

Vision Invent Inc. and Opsci to bring to Texas cutting edge toll way traffic management and control system via the use of high density camera systems. Our systems will handle real-time; Traffic Audit, Prepaid Toll Way System, Image Sensor Security System, Road Access Management System, High Density LED lighting system for toll roads, etc.

The VI-LED Sign Systems Superior Value

Technically Advanced

Design With Opsci's base Digital Imaging Audit System integrates networked IP cameras to a central computer. The system provides customers with monitoring of facilities, such as Toll Booth lanes, 24 hours a day seven days a week. By utilizing industrial IP cameras, Opscican place the smallest equipment footprint possible in vulnerable locations while still maintaining safe storage in a secure environment. To view images and events recorded by the monitoring system, a playback software application is also provided. The playback software can recall images based upon time and location, play the images in a forward or reverse direction, and can skip through the images based upon time increments or event markers. An added feature provides Automated License Plate Recognition to the Digital Imaging Audit System. This feature coupled with a LP (License Plate) Tracking database allows the system to automatically match and report on the entry and exit times of vehicles.A final feature of the system would be to accept two candidate lists downloaded from a host system. One list would contain the license numbers of prepaid patrons while the second list would be a Watch List and cause the system to provide an alert. License plates contained in the Watch List might be those of stolen cars or other types of security risks.


  • Automated License Plate (LP) Recognition to the Digital Imaging Audit System
  • Playback software application is also provided
  • LP Tracking Database
  • Easy Installation
  • WiFiWireless Interface system
  • IP Cameras and Central Computer
  • Available Backup Power Supply System.