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VIDVR 150 is a self-powered, motion-triggered camera and DVR kit that provides remote alarm alerts. Packaged in a weatherresistant housing for outdoor surveillance applications, VIDVR 150 has both still image and video cameras that start recording when motion is detected within a 15-25 foot range. Photos are immediately uploaded to a website and video is stored on local flash memory. Invisible IR allows for clear recording in complete darkness. Equipped with a cell modem, VIDVR 150 sends multiple alarm alerts via text messages or via emails with snapshot evidence. VIDVR 150 is powered by a rechargeable battery and an optional solar panel may be used to charge the battery.

Design: The TAS has various mechanical designs to fit each vehicle or owner‟s needs, some of the designs are as follows: The TAS is configured to be placed between the midway door post between the front and back door. The device will then be mechanically fitted to slightly touch the windows with its sensors on the front and back door. Any movement or breakage in the window will be detected by the T Alert‟s sensors; detected activity will then generate an alarm signal to the thief and car owner. Another TAS design is also configured to use Infrared detection signal, whereby the sensor will use Infra Red signal to detect motion/distance changes with the window or door. With this design the IR signal from the TAS is pointed at the window/door to wake up and signal alert upon distance or motion changes to the window or door; upon TAS‟s correspondence of the break-in conditions, device will send encrypted signals to the HHTAS to wake up and beep or vibrate.


VIDVR 200 is a pole-mounted covert outdoor DVR or wireless DVR remote video surveillance system. The pole-mount minimizes the possibility of theft. VIDVR 200 is contained in a weather-resistant housing that can withstand hot and cold temperatures in outdoor applications. The DVR has a cellular option to allow wireless remote connectivity to live and recorded video. The cell modem / radio link will allow for remote viewing and remote video playback of the DVR from the comfort of your home or office. The DVR also has low power consumption

VICam from VI Security Systems for outdoor security needs.Quality Surveillance Camera Solutions

VICam includes two analog, infrared cameras that are designed with low power consumption, are temperature-hardened, and can see objects in complete darkness. There is a wide-angle infrared camera and a long-range PTZ camera. VICam IR is a perfect security camera technology that deals with all the issues and requirements of a security camera functioning outdoors:

  • See in low light to total darkness,
  • Have a vari-focal lens to allow viewing at different focal lengths, and withstand the temperature extremes of being outdoors.
  • Offers an even greater nighttime viewing distance,
  • A broader operating temperature range
  • Provides continuous 360 degree viewing with a quiet operation.
  • Analog cameras work with standard DVR technology.

The VI-LED Sign Systems Superior Value

VIDVR TM is completely air/water tight and can handle extreme temperatures. The unit will support either 4 analog or IP cameras and includes a 100GB hard drive for video recording. The DVR supports both continuous or motion-based recording with adjustable frame rates per camera. With Internet connectivity the DVR can send an e-mail notification with a JPEG snapshot when motion has been detected.

VIBeam TM is a family of motion detectors specifically designed for outdoor perimeter intrusion detection. Utilizing Passive Infrared (PIR) technology and telescope-like precision mirror glass optics, VIBeam's long-range detectors feature a three-zone, gap-free, continuous curtain-shaped coverage pattern. VIBeam's detectors are engineered to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy in the harshest environments.

VICam TM consists of a family of Infrared cameras that are designed with low power consumption, are temperature hardened, and can see objects in complete darkness. There are two versions of the product; one that is analog and one that is IP based.