Vision Invent Inc.

Vision Invent Inc. (VI) Information Security

The need for data protection

Secure your Business and Personal Information

  1. Don't fall prey to information theft.
  2. Don't loose your intellectual property to criminals.
  3. Safeguard your network data

Information Security:The need for data protection at the desktop

  • Virtually all companies are vulnerable to computer theft
  • Information stored on client devices poses significant liability and security risks
  • Intentional or unintentional loss and misuse
  • Growing mobile workforce requiring real-time access to data
  • Diverse user populations utilizing a variety of systems to store and access data
  • Attacks have moved from notoriety to profitability.

One to One Encryption Security

  1. VI Provides Encrypted Hard Drive with full data protection for your business PC.
  2. VI provides SW Encryption key 1 to 1 hard drive to PC protection, Secure your intellectual property


  • Strong pre-boot access control.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Advanced administrative controls.
  • Centralizedremote management.
  • Activity logs for auditing and compliance validation.


Price per seat or computer

One to many Key Management Server
50-500 Users $100.00
501-1000 Users $80.00
1001-2500 Users $75.00
2501-5000 users $65.00
5001-10000 Users $55.00
10001+Users $45.00
One to one / Drive to system $100.00

The VI Security Encryption Hard Drive

Lower total cost of ownership

  • No overhead costs associated with key distribution and key escrow
  • No additional PC memory or higher CPU required to offset performance hit
  • Cryptographic erase eliminates traditional costs associated with erasing drives
  • Remote drive management reduces administrative and support costs

Very high strength of security

  • Not vulnerable to traditional software attacks –OS not present environment
  • NO "backdoors"
  • Encryption keys never leave the hard drive.
  • Local admin cannot disable drive securitySecurity logs for compliance auditing
  • Security logs for compliance auditing

No performance impact

  • Operates at the full interface speed of drive.
  • No performance impact; unlike SW FDE that can be as much as a 60%
  • Drive begins encrypting from the factory…no "bulk" encryption cycles

Easy to set up and use

  • Simple and intuitive user authentication interface
  • When the drive is powered down access control is automatically turned on.