Vision Invent Inc.


  • Network Tablets & PC Solutions for Home and Businesses.
  • Next generation wireless technology roadmap, including WiMAX, ZWave, Zigbee, Proprietary network solution. (Connect and control your world)
  • Cost Effective Asset Tracking to locate local or mobile High Value Items.
  • HERA series of hardware encoders / trans-coders offers real-time video delivery to any mobile device, PC, or TV over any network at any bandwidth, while performing file trans-coding conversions at up to 30 times real-time speed.
  • Complete video content management system linking the worlds of video conferencing and web streaming
  • Memory Systems Storage Products
  • Advance cost effective Enterprise IT Solutions with Training Module and Remote Support Module, commensurate with the organization's risk appetite and risk tolerances.
  • External Penetration Testing Module to determine if the protective controls of a given system can be bypassed.
  • Internal Penetration Testing Module to test for Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA) and Penetration Test (PT) against Customer's internal network.
  • VOIP Testing Module to ensure authentication systems are in place and attempt to exploit any vulnerability that may exist.
  • Social Engineering Module, this is a phone-based social engineering testing. This involves ways to contact Customer’s staff in and attempt to obtain sensitive corporate information from the individuals; i.e., primarily system account information.
  • Application Management Module, cost-effective alternative to dedicated onsite support by providing talented resources in a flexible support model.
  • Scalability: Quick start-up and shut-down of resources with the ability to scale resources up and down during the life of the project or support engagement
  • Rapid Delivery: The ability to produce support output on a two or three-shift basis using resources in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe
  • Knowledge Transfer: Knowledge transfer to internal resources, if required, to ensure that skills and knowledge are transferred and institutionalized