Vision Invent Inc.

Vision Invent Inc. (VI) Theft Alert Solution

(Alternative Sensible Auto Security)

This product is a portable self installable automobile theft Alert Solution that sends signals from the vehicle to the automobile owner when his or her vehicle is being jacked (Broken into).


The TAS has two components to it

  • In Vehicle Theft Alert Solution (TAS) This component is made up of a radio transceiver with frequency hopping capabilities, accelerometer, sensible signal processor from Texas Instruments.
  • The signal processor in the TAS is configured to sense (detect) motion in car door or breakage in window when that car is being invaded; this effect then generates an interrupt in the processor that will send an encrypted signal through the RF transceiver to a hand held receiver that vibrates or beeps upon receipt of the signal.
  • The TAS is also configured to voice activate or sound alarm to warn perpetrators. The warnings will utter words like "Please stay away from the vehicle! You‟re being watched! The owner of the vehicle has been informed of your break in!".
Option Enterprise(100 units) Retail(50) DirectBudget
Budget $50 $65 $75.00

Benefits Over other Solutions


  • Only comes with new vehicles and not available for aftermarket. Only available in the united states and Canada and not overseas Cost of monthly service is $16.95/month*$199/yearfor Safe and Sound service / $34.95/month*$399/year*to add Direction and Connections service. Product is optimized for road side car issues like accidents or keys lucked into car but not for real-time theft prevention notification. Not available for self installation in vehicles that aren't new.


  • LoJackCoverage Areasare today limited in the US and not covered in most overseas countries. Theft Notification occurs after the vehicle has been stolen and not during the act, hence not saving the stolen car from being disassembled. Not available for self installation adding to its cost of installation. Requires subscription dues and terms valid within police regions only.

Get the TAS Advantage

Hand Held Theft Alert Solution (HHTAS)

  • The hand held device is configured with the same processor and transceivers in the TAS. The HTAS receives its RF signal from the TAS and takes appropriate actions in notifying the car owner based on its alert settings (beep or vibrate). The device is also capable of sending Infra Red (IR) signals to the TAS to deactivate its alarm when setoff by perpetrators; or to render the TAS inoperative when not needed. The HHTAS will be available to customers with or without LCD displays.


  • The TAS has various mechanical designs to fit each vehicle or owner‟s needs, some of the designs are as follows: ï‚·The TAS is configured to be placed between the midway door post between the front and back door. The device will then be mechanically fitted to slightly touch the windows with its sensors on the front and back door. Any movement or breakage in the window will be detected by the T Alert‟s sensors; detected activity will then generate an alarm signal to the thief and car owner. ï‚·Another TAS design is also configured to use Infrared detection signal, whereby the sensor will use Infra Red signal to detect motion/distance changes with the window or door. With this design the IR signal from the TAS is pointed at the window/door to wake up and signal alert upon distance or motion changes to the window or door; upon TAS‟s correspondence of the break-in conditions, device will send encrypted signals to the HHTAS to wake up and beep or vibrate.