Vision Invent Inc.

Product Development And Marketing


Product Development


Vision Invent is small Design House with a number In-House Project focus Design Engineers and over 150 Design Engineers from our Design House partner pool. We are the only Technology Design House & Rep Firm in the Texas market with a competency aligned partnership with other Design Houses to provide optimal budgetary design services here in the US. We believe in leveraging our engineers core competencies to get the job done faster and at budget; so we bring our community of engineers to advise and work on projects based experience and project complexity; hence giving our customers more bang for your buck when they hire us. Our customers are mostly Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM ), i.e. manufacturers of original products and technologies.




Vision Invent is also a strategic marketing house for our partnering OEM's. We work with OEM's to research consumer behavior, market trends , brand development and optimal demand creation channels to help our customers discover and capture the existing niche markets for their products. Vision Invent's principles have been part of the designs and promotions of more than 150 products including; Oil & Gas, Gaming Technology, Portable Media, RFID, Telecommunication, Automotive, Medical, Military, etc.